《Is there a post office near here?》PPT课件11

《Is there a post office near here?》PPT课件11
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《Is there a post office near here?》PPT课件11

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《Is there a post office near here?》PPT课件11

一、单项选择 (20小题,共20分)

( ) 1. --- Why are you standing there, Maggie?

--- I can’t see the blackboard clearly. Two tall boys are sitting ____ me.

A. behind B. in front of

C. beside D. next to

( ) 2. Look! ____ some juice in the glass.

A. There is B. There are

C. There have D. There has

( ) 3. ---Excuse me. Is there a post office near here?

---Yes, _____ is. Go down this street and turn right.

A. it B. this C. that D. there

( ) 4. I spent $5 _____ this book.

A. in B. to buy C. buying D. buy

( ) 5. Laura enjoys _____ story books.

A. reading B. read C. to read D. reads

... ... ...


Mrs. White 21 a son. 22 name is Sam White. The young man begins to work in a post office in a city this autumn. He asks his mother to 23 the city. The old woman is happy and catches a train.

Soon she 24 the city. But she doesn’t know 25 the post office is. She begins to look for it, but she can’t 26 it. At a bus stop she asks an old man, “Excuse me, sir. How can I get to the post office? ”

“We have 27 forty post offices in our city, ”says the old man.“ Which one do you want? ”

The old woman gives Sam’s 28 to him and the old man says,“ Walk along this street and take the fourth turning on the left. His post office is just there. ”

Mrs. White thanks the old man and soon finds her son. They are very 29 . A week later the woman goes to the zoo. She 30 all kinds of animals. But after that she can’t find the way to the post office again. At the same bus stop she meets the same old man and she asks the same question again.

“Oh, dear!”the old man calls out.“Are you still looking for your son?”

( ) 21. A. have B. has C. is D. are

( ) 22. A. Her B. He C. His D. your

( ) 23. A. come B. to C. visit D. arrive

( ) 24. A. get to B. get C. arrive D. gets to

( ) 25. A. how B. what C. when D. where

( ) 26. A. find B. see C. look D. watch

( ) 27. A. at B. for C. about D. between

( ) 28. A. book B. words C. letter D. clothes

( ) 29. A. happy B. sad C. hungry D. dirty

( ) 30. A. sees B. see C. look D. watch

... ... ...


46. ---Is there a pay phone on the _____ (路) ?

---Yes. It’s over there.

47. Please be careful when you go ____________(穿过) the busy road.

48. Turn left at the first ________ (十字路口).

49. The best things in life are ______ (免费的).

50. I like to __________ (花) time in the library on weekends.

... ... ...


56. 打扰一下, 附近有餐馆吗?

__________. Is there a restaurant _________?

57. 我的家离公园不太远。

My home is _____________ the park.

58. 邮局在图书馆对面。

The post office is ________ the library.

59. 当我享受读书的时候,时间过得很快。

When I _____________, time __________________.

60. 为了到那里,他沿着中心街走,然后向右转。

To get there, he ______ Center Street and ______.

... ... ...

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《Is there a post office near here?》PPT课件11
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