《I'm more outgoing than my sister》PPT课件20

《I'm more outgoing than my sister》PPT课件20
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《I'm more outgoing than my sister》PPT课件20

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《I'm more outgoing than my sister》PPT课件20



( )1.—Which color do you like______,blue or green?


A.good B.better C.best D.the best

( )2.Sometimes walking is even ______than driving during the busy traffic time.

A.last B.faster C.slow  D.slower

( )3.Li Lei, my best friend, is ______outgoing than any other student in his class.

A.much B.many C.more D.very

( )4.Taking a bus in Beijing is ______than taking a taxi.

A.more cheap B.much cheaper

C.a little cheap D.less cheaper

( )5.We don't look the same, _____ we're twins.

A.though B.but

C.and D.so

... ... ...


I was waiting for the bus when I met the woman. “You look__1__. Come and sit here,” she said. “__2__are you going?”

“I don't know.I just want to catch a__3__and see what it will be like at the end.”

“I'm afraid you'll see__4__there. Why don't you enjoy the sights on the way?”

“How can I do that while my heart's__5__?” I asked sadly. My best friend had left me.

The woman seemed to understand my feeling. “Don't cry, little girl. I've had a similar experience as you. Thirty­five__6__ ago, my husband left our three children and me. I was deadly sad. I decided to kill myself and the children, so I took__7__ to the sea.__8__,they seemed to know what would happen, so they__9__loudly. Their cry suddenly woke me__10__. How could I__11__ my hope of life? After that, I worked hard to raise the children. Now they all live__12__ and one of them has his own family.”

Then the woman gave me a__13__, “We should never wait for the door to__14__before us. We should find the key to the__15__or try to find another way.”

The bus came and I got on it with a smile.

( )1. A. tired B. excite C. happy D. well

( )2. A. What B. How C. Where D. When

( )3. A. rain B. bus C. boat D. plane

( )4. A. nothing B.everything

C. something D.anything

( )5. A.smiling B. breaking

C. singing D. dancing

( )6. A.days B. weeks

C. months D. years

( )7. A.her B. them

C. him D. it

( )8. A.So B. Or

C. Besides D. However

( )9. A. laughed B. talked

C. spoke D. cried

( )10. A. in B.out C.up D.down

... ... ...



1.We love our teacher though he is always very s_________.

2.I am s______to my best friend.

3.He is really h_________. He always studies in the classroom after class.

4.My parents are b______  teachers.

5.Tina is o ______. She enjoys going to parties.


6.Sue is______ (quiet) than Ann.

7.My brother is as _______ (tall) as my cousin.

8.I have _______ (many) books than you.

9.I think living in the country is __________(exciting)than living in the city.

10.She likes to have friends who are_______(difference) from her.

... ... ...


A: 1.______ 

B: David is my best friend.

A: 2.______ 

B: Because he likes to do the same things as I do.He's popular and good at sports.

A: That's good.3.______ 

B: Yes, I like sports, but David is more athletic than me.I'd say we're both pretty outgoing.

A: 4._____

B: He's funnier than I am,and he's wilder.

A: 5._____

B: Of course. We are both top students in our class.

A: Oh, I see.Thank you.

B: You're welcome.

... ... ...


( )1. Lin Tao and Wang Hui are good friends. They_______ like action movies.

A. all B. too

C. both D. either

( )2. Both my father and my mother ______ doctors.

A. is B. am

C. be D. are

( )3. Bob is ______ heavier than his brother.

A. little B. lot

C. more D. much

... ... ...

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《I'm more outgoing than my sister》PPT课件20
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