《Why don't you talk to your parents?》PPT课件13

《Why don't you talk to your parents?》PPT课件13
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《Why don't you talk to your parents?》PPT课件13

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《Why don't you talk to your parents?》PPT课件13

课 前 预 习


1. 成员;分子 n. ________

2. 压力 n.___________

3. 竞争;对抗v._________


4. a lot of pressure _________

5. spend time alone _______

6. make sb/sth +adj _________

7. have a fight with __________

8. compete with _____________

9. so much pressure __________

10. not … anymore____________

11.free time activities___________

12.get better grades____________

13.each other____________

... ... ...

课 堂 小 测


1. People in some foreign countries think pets are their family ______(成员).

2. I can’t breathe (呼吸). I am under great p_________.

3. We c________ with another team and won.

4. He seems sleepy. I guess he didn’t get e_______ sleep last night

5. Free time _______ (活动) are important.


6. 他们不再抽烟了。

They ________ smoke ____________.

7. 这场刺激的比赛使得我们很激动。

The _______ match _________ us ________.

8. Tina在学校与Tara竞争。

Tina ___________ Tara in school.


( ) 11. Dave studied hard ___ he could get better grades.

A. so that B. but

C. because D. if

( ) 12. Never give up____the last minute.

A. since B. after C. for D. until

( ) 13. – I’m afraid I will get fatter and fatter.

– Maybe you ____ eat too much junk food.

A. should B. shouldn’t

C. won’t D. can

... ... ...

课 后 作 业


( ) 1. Although the man is poor, _______ he is ready to help others.

A. though B. but C. so D. /

( ) 2. Help! My parents give me too much ______about school.

A. money B. time C. fun D. pressure

( ) 3. – Do you want junk food?

– No, I don’t eat it ________.

A. anymore B. more C. much D. either

( ) 4. He doesn’t get ________, so he’s not ________.

A. enough money; enough rich

B. enough money; rich enough

C. money enough; enough poor

D. money enough; poor enough

( ) 5. We all like John. He always makes us _______.

A. upset B. bored C. happy D. necessary

... ... ...


1. Kate妈妈给她很大压力。

2. 我不想与别人竞争。

3. 他们没有空余时间放松。

4. Li Ming跟Zhang Ming 打架了。

5. 我想独处。


Do you often feel sad? What will you do if you are sad? Do you have any good ideas? Now let me tell you something about this topic.

First, talking to others is very important, especially when you are not happy. If you let the bad mood(心情) inside your mind, it will make you feel 1 . So try opening your mouth and speak out your 2 . In this way, you may feel better. And you can move your bad mood out of your mind.

There are many people you can talk to, such as your close 3 , parents, pen pals and so on. Just choose one that 4 about you. I believe any of them is 5 to be there to listen. If you share your bad feelings 6 them, you will feel much 7 . Because you are not 8 when you feel sad. Someone will back you up. What’ s more, they will give you 9 and try their best to help you out.

You can’t solve all the 10 on your own. Try speaking it out and let someone help you. If you can do as I say above, your bad mood will pass away soon.

( ) 1. A. happy B. interested C. relaxed D. sick

( ) 2. A. relationship B. training C. feelings D. plan

( ) 3. A. brothers B. friends C. teachers D. fans

( ) 4. A. thinks B. talks C. discusses D. cares

( ) 5. A. crazy B. ready C. nervous D. disabled

... ... ...

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《Why don't you talk to your parents?》PPT课件13
(1)《Why don't you talk to your parents?》PPT课件13