《Sad movies make me cry》PPT课件9

《Sad movies make me cry》PPT课件9
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《Sad movies make me cry》PPT课件9

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《Sad movies make me cry》PPT课件9

Free talk

What’s the ending of the story about the unhappy king?


1a Look at the possible endings to the story about the unhappy king.

Do you think any of these is the right one? If so, which one?

a. The general cannot find a happy person and the king remains unhappy forever.

b. The general finds a happy person with power and money.

c. The general realizes he is a happy person and gives his shirt to the king to wear.

d. The king suddenly becomes happy without the shirt of a happy person.

... ... ...


Listen to The Shirt of a Happy Man (Part II) and check (✔) the things that happened in the rest of the story.

_____ The general searched for three days and found a happy person.

_____ The general could not find a happy person.

_____ The general saw a poor man on the street.

_____ The poor man was a happy man.

_____ The poor man gave the general his shirt.

Listen again. Answer the questions.

1. How long did it take the general to find the happy man?

Two days.

2. What was the poor man doing on the street?

He was eating some food with his hands and singing happily to himself.

3. What made the poor man so happy even though he had no power, money or fame?

He had everything he wanted and didn’t want what he couldn’t have.

4. Do you think the general will return to the king with the poor man’s shirt? Why or why not?

No, because the poor man did not have a shirt.

... ... ...

Read the story and number the events in the correct order.

____ Peter got home and went into his room.

____ Peter talked to his teammates.

____ Peter missed a goal.

____ Peter’s father gave him advice.

____ Peter realized that he was worried for no reason.

Read the story again and answer the questions.

1.Why did Peter feel angry and worried?

He was angry with himself for missing an important goal and letting his team down. His was worried that his coach may kick him off the team.

2. What kind of advice did Peter’s father offer him?

Peter’s father advised him not to be too hard on himself but to learn how to communicate with his teammates and learn from his mistake.

3. Do you agree with Peter’s father? Why or why not?

Yes. It is more meaningful to learn from one’s mistakes and do better in the future.

... ... ...

Language points

1.The general finds a happy person with power, money and fame.

with 表伴随, “带着……, 与…… 一起, 随着, 有”; 反义词: without “没有”。后面均可接名词或动名词。

e.g. He left without saying a word.


2. How could he have missed scoring that goal?

could have done表示“过去本能够做某事但未做”, 包含“责备”意义。

e.g. How could he have been such a fool? 他怎么这么糊涂?

How could she have forgotten what kind of man he was?


3. He was really worried that his coach might kick him off the team.

kick v. 踢; 踹

kick sb. off 开除某人

e.g. Tim made a huge mistake, and the manager kicked him off the company.

蒂姆犯了一个很大的错误, 经理把他开除了。

... ... ...

Find idioms or phrases from the story to replace the underlined parts of these sentences.

1. He could not believe that he did not get the ball into the basket.

2. She was worried because she had disappointed her parents.

3. Tony was sad that he was asked to leave the team.

4. You should learn to relax and not put so much pressure on yourself.

5. The teacher told the students to work hard together and not give up.


1.Recite the text on Page86.


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《Sad movies make me cry》PPT课件9